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CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the most recognised qualification around the world for teaching English as a second language issued by the University of Cambridge. CELTA is regulated at level 5 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework and it is the only TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) certificate which is accepted globally. 

The program structure of CELTA is a combination of theory and practice. Particularly, apart from theory, written assignments and observation of simulation courses delivered by certified CELTA Tutors, students take the place of teachers at an early stage.

After completing your CELTA training, you will have the opportunity to work in Summer Schools since DEI College collaborates with Oxford International and Exsportise.


Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Advanced competence in both written and spoken English
  • Degree (any academic field) / a standard of education suitable for entry into higher education
  • Little or no experience in ELT (English Language Teaching)


Selection process:

  • Test – Level of English competence
  • Application form and CELTA pre-course task
  • Interview



  • Theory- Observation- Teaching Practice
  • Written assignments

Theory: Theory courses and written assignments based on theory

Observation: Observation of simulation courses delivered by experienced CELTA Tutors

Teaching Practice: Six hours teaching practice assessed by certified tutors.

Written assignments (x4): 750-1000 words


Duration: 1 month (3-28/9)

Full time – Intensive program

At least 120 hours

*Course attendance is obligatory.


Completing CELTA courses:

  • You will have acquired an internationally recognized qualification in teaching English as a second language
  • You will have the opportunity to travel and work worldwide since CELTA graduates are in high demand
  • You will gain the right skills and the knowledge which you will need as a teacher
  • You will certify your excellent command in English language with a fully practical certificate


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