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CCNA Routing & Switching – Intensive program 100-120 hours

Duration: 3, 5 months

Weekly plan: 2 times a week for 4 hours

Attendance: online live e-class or with physical attendance in class


It addresses to people who:

  • Work and can take afternoon or night courses
  • Want to acquire their certification quickly
  • Live outside of Thessaloniki and can not have physical attendance
  • Can not be present due to responsibilities
  • Are professionals and know basic concept of Computing and networks


Units’ index:

It is divided into two big units (ICND1 and ICND2) which can separately examined with corresponding examinations 100-105 (ICND1) and 200-105 (ICND20 or with an overall examination 200-125 (CCNA).

The examination 100-105 leads to the acquisition of the introductive certification of Cisco Systems the CCENT.



Part I: Networking Fundamentals

Part II: Implementing Basic Ethernet LANs

Part III: Ethernet LANs: Design, VLANs, and Troubleshooting

Part IV: IP Version 4 Addressing and Subnetting

Part V: Implementing IPv4

Part VI: IPv4 Design and Troubleshooting

Part VII: IPv4 Services: ACLs and NAT

Part VIII: IP Version 6

Part IX: Network Device Management 2



Part I Ethernet LANs

Part II IPv4 Routing Protocols

Part III Wide-Area Networks

Part IV IPv4 Services: ACLs and QoS

Part V IPv4 Routing and Troubleshooting

Part VI IPv6

Part VII Miscellaneous

Part VIII Final Prep