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Professional Certifications / Seminars

Professional titles and professional certifications can play a vital role in establishing a competitive advantage and serve as the documentation of their holders’ qualifications. Progress in technology, economy and society in general constantly change the employment field and such certifications can provide a successful approach towards continuing development.  Additionally, the certification of professional skills and abilities provided by certification bodies that adhere to international standards, constitutes a critical factor for professional development in today’s competitive environment.

Professional certifications are certificates of qualification in specific fields that are awarded by globally recognised certification bodies, associations or institutes in countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the USA. Certified fields of expertise pertain to a variety of areas and academic subjects, including Computing, Psychology, Marketing and Accounting.


Such certifications are useful to:

  • Active members of the labour market that wish to learn more or specialise further in their field, or update their knowledge and skills

  • Professionals that wish to pursue a different field of expertise or career

  • Students or graduates that wish to acquire skills and abilities currently in demand in the employment field


DEI College acknowledges the specific circumstances and needs experienced by students who work during their degree and offers many of these titles through blended learning or distance learning programmes