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Are accommodation options provided to students coming from other cities?

Yes. DEI College undertakes to find a residence for students who do not live permanently in Thessaloniki.

Are studies completed entirely in Greece?

Yes. The undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered through DEI College are completed in Thessaloniki.

What about deferment from military service?

DEI College undertakes the preparation of the documents required for deferment from military service.

What are the College’s English language requirements?

The English language requirements vary depending on the programme and the level of study (postgraduate or undergraduate). DEI College offers language preparation for free and provides English support courses throughout the year.

What programmes are provided at DEI College?

To view the curricula provided at DEI College at an undergraduate level, follow this link whereas for the postgraduate programmes visit this link.

How long does the study last?

The attendance at all undergraduate programmes lasts 3 years, while the postgraduate courses last from 1 to 2 years.

How are the degrees of these programmes different from those obtained by students studying in the UK?

Degrees obtained through DEI College do not differ from the degrees obtained after studying in UK.

Are the degrees provided through DEI College recognized?

Degrees provided through DEI College meet the requirements for recognition by the Greek State. In particular the degrees are recognized by the body of the Recognition of Professional Rights Council (SAEP) in accordance to the Article 1 of Law 4093/2012.

Can I study Law at DEI College and finish my studies without leaving Greece?

Studies in Law programmes, as well as in other DEI College courses, are completed exclusively in Greece. Students do not have to stay abroad.

Can I study in programmes that are academically supervised by the LSE?

At DEI College you can study Finance, Business, Financial and Social Sciences at the University of London. The LSE undertakes the task of the academic supervision of the above courses.

What is the registration process and entry requirements?

The registration process and entry requirements vary according to the programme. Mainly the minimum requirement is the Lyceum Certificate and basic English knowledge.

What is the DEI supervision process by the partner universities?

The operation conditions and the curriculum regulations provided by DEI College are determined by the collaborating universities. Annual and periodic reviews take place concerning the assessment of students' examinations and assignments, as well as the accreditation of educational staff qualifications, facilities and proper and lawful functioning of the college according to the strict academic standards determined by the state of UK.

Can I transfer from one educational institution to another?

Yes. Under certain conditions, that vary by programme, students of Greek or foreign institutions are allowed to join a corresponding year of study.

What are the Foundation Courses?

Foundation Courses are specialized preparatory study programmes for students who wish to get ready for their undergraduate studies in Great Britain.

Who are they for?

They are addressed to high school graduates or high school students wishing to start their studies in Great Britain to obtain a Bachelor Degree in a university of their choice.

Are there foundation courses at DEI College for all areas of specialization?

DEI College offers preparatory programmes for all areas of specialization. Each curriculum is carefully designed to prepare the candidate according to the chosen field of study.

What is the process to apply to UK universities?

The candidate should first visit our offices for a discussion with the Academic Advisor. After deciding on the field of study and tackling any economic or geographical constraints, research will take place to identify available universities and positions. DEI College will undertake the application procedures to the British Universities. What follows is the process of finding accommodation and the completion of student loan application, undertaken by DEI College.

When can I apply to UK universities?

Applications can be prepared throughout the year before starting the studies. However, for the best possible outcome, candidates will have to start the process as early as possible.

Should High School attendance be completed in order to start attending the Foundation Programme?

No graduation from High School is required to start attending preparatory courses. The attendance at the Foundation Courses can take place at the same time, as the course is tailored to the needs of each candidate.

How long do studies in the UK last?

Studying at UK universities to acquire a Bachelors degree lasts 3 years, while in Scotland 4 years.

How much will my tuition fees cost?

University tuition fees in England range from £ 8,500 to £ 9,000 per year.

Is there a funding for my tuition fees?

Tuition fees are entirely covered by the student loan offered by the UK Government to European students who study for their first degree, regardless of their family income. The repayment starts after the student graduates and their income exceeds £ 21,000 per year, regardless of their place of residence. DEI College is responsible for preparing and sending the student loan application for all students.