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MBA - Master of Business Administration

MBA - Master of Business Administration is ideal for graduates who wish to obtain an internationally acclaimed postgraduate title that will enhance their employability and increase their professional options. It is carefully designed to provide students with a dynamic and balanced combination of managerial expertise and academic specialisation.


MBA programme is for those who wish to:

  • Gain valuable knowledge from experienced professionals

  • Develop their critical thinking and research skills and enhance their business knowledge and understanding

  • Obtain the qualitative and quantitative knowledge necessary in problem solving

  • Adopt an outward-looking perspective of the business world in order to enhance their professional profile


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the MBA programme can pursue positions in local or international companies, public bodies, non profit organizations and social economy institutions. During their studies, students profit from the practical expertise of highly qualified professionals, draw inspiration from well known business examples in Greece and abroad, travel in business development centers, like Brussels or London, participate in business trips and research programmes and acquire an in depth knowledge of the most recent and influencing practices in the field of commerce, management and activities development.


  • For more information on the programme, please contact us