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Student Visa and Residence Permit

Student Visa

All students who have been admitted to DEI College to attend a full-time, on-campus programme of study and do not come from an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, are required to obtain a student visa prior to their arrival in Greece in order to be able to apply for and obtain a residence permit.

Students wishing to study towards an award of the University of London are advised that they cannot obtain a student visa and residence permit. Students are advised to submit their application and relevant documentation to their nearest Greek Consulate or Embassy in their home country at least three months prior to their arrival in Thessaloniki for the start of the pre-sessional course relevant to their programme of study.

Upon payment of the registration fee, DEI College will provide students with a letter of certification necessary for the purposes of their application for a student visa, which will certify their admission to the programme of study of their choice. In the event of a rejection of the visa, students are eligible to request a refund of the registration fee paid to DEI College by sending us an e-mail along with a scanned copy of the visa rejection letter.


Residence Permit

Students are advised to apply for a residence permit with the Aliens and Migration Directorate of Thessaloniki (1, Taki Oikonomidi Street, tel: +30 2313309202/ +30 2313309207) upon their arrival in Thessaloniki.