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Χορήγηση Άδειας Κολλεγίου
από το Υπουργείο Παιδείας
(ΦΕΚ 1986 Β / 14-8-2013)

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"It is a great experience studying at DEI College. The academic environment along with the variety of material available in the library allows me to widen my horizons and explore deeply the English Literature. The lecturers are always available to provide help in understanding the material and to offer important feedback that I am confident will prove valuable throughout my academic life."

Ms Seva Kamada, BA English, University of London International Programmes

"Studying the LLB course of the University of London International Programmes at DEI College was a very positive change in my life. Both the administrative staff and the lecturers are true visionaries, trying their best to inspire us and motivate us to improve on every aspect. The friendly atmosphere along with the good organisation and progressive ideas on quality education prepares all the students to face our future professional lives with much greater confidence. And as a famous legal moto says: “vigilantibus non dormientibus aequitas subvenit” (“equity aids the vigilant, not those who sleep on their rights”)."

Vasileios Papazaitis, LLB, University of London International Programmes

"At the age of 28 years old, DEI College gave me the opportunity to keep up with the studies I had to quit 5 years ago due to financial reasons. The flexible hours of classes and the adaptable tuition fee installment made studying and working at the same time possible and much easier than what I had initially thought. Computer Network Technology is an excellent programme, carried out by the instructors with professionalism. Both the academic and administrative staff is very helpful and always available, while the facilities, located in the centre of the city, are easily accessible and very well equipped. In conclusion, DEI College is a very good example of an institution providing academic services of high quality."

Nikolaos Bloukos, BSc Computer Network Technology, University of Central Lancashire

"Being a mother, a wife and a businesswoman in a small town in the west of Greece, I could never have had any aspirations of studying at a university or college at this point in my life due to multiple obligations and roles which do not allow me to leave my hometown.  DEI College provided me with this incredible opportunity to study and explore English Literature by distance, from the comfort of my own house. Studying via distance learning has proved to be both very convenient and rewarding in terms of time and money. As for the personnel of DEI, I consider myself lucky to have been instructed, educated and inspired by highly qualified and academic teachers who are excellent facilitators of learning, very caring but at the same time demanding. Also, the administrative staff has always been available and provided all their support, something which relieved all my initial worries about the type of my studies. Thus I have truly enjoyed my studies so far and I feel most excited to continue. In a nutshell, studying by distance at DEI has been a very unique experience so far and has helped me broaden my horizons and deeply explore the English Literature. I am mostly grateful to them all for helping me make my dream come true."


Efi Karaiskou, BA English, University of London International Programmes

"Studying at DEI College in Thessaloniki and completing my undergraduate degree in Business Administration gave me the opportunity to reach my goals. The excellent facilities and the top of the line academic staff helped me to fulfill my ambitions and I am glad that I was part of DEI College. The administrative staff was always available and the technological equipment was excellent. The multicultural environment and the interaction with students arriving from around the globe was creating a challenging and motivating learning process, while the small size of the classes allowed the use of better learning methods. This is why I would recommend DEI College to anyone who is looking for an excellent private college."

Alexios Ouzounidis, BA (Hons) Business Administration, University of Central Lancashire

"For the last two years I've been registered at the BSc Computer Network Technology programme offered through DEI College. During this period I got an in-depth knowledge of the IT industry along with a great amount of inspiring confidence in this area. Bearing in mind that I had not prior IT experience, my time at DEI College has given me the solid foundation to achieve my goals and objectives. All lecturers and the administrative staff have been very co-operative and friendly throughout the years by supporting the students in every step they took. Combining that with the excellent building facilities along with a rich library full of books, about every course makes the college a comforting environment to learn and work."

Michalis Gritzalis, BSc (Hons) Computer Network Technology, University of Central Lancashire

“It was a great pleasure working at DEI College for more than 4 years, through which I have delivered a variety of Finance modules. What I most value about DEI is its academic staff. I consider them true facilitators of learning, and I recognize their ability to stimulate students and add personality to the course material. Professionalism demonstrated by them ensures that students will find a promising educational environment, caring and demanding at the same time”.

Dr Prodromos Tsinaslanidis, Lecturer in Finance, Canterbury Christ Church University Business School.

"I had the pleasure of teaching a variety of modules in the BSc in Computing and MSc in Information Security delivered through DEI College. It gave me great satisfaction to watch the progression of students from being lost or negative towards computer science in the beginning of their first year to becoming confident IT specialists, with clear interests and wanderings at their graduation. The fact that a significant proportion of them continued with postgraduate studies and is now pursuing professional careers in the UK, Sweden, Holland and Greece not only makes me proud but also underlines the significance of the overall effort put inside the college."

Dr. Alexandros Vakaloudis, Cork Institute of Technology