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Χορήγηση Άδειας Κολλεγίου
από το Υπουργείο Παιδείας
(ΦΕΚ 1986 Β / 14-8-2013)

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Studying at DEI College

DEI College is located in the centre of Thessaloniki and is therefore easily accessible.

Its premises have been especially designed in order to cover the needs of a modern educational organization.

The academic staff consists of teachers who fulfill the most stringent academic criteria.

The programmes offered at DEI College are held entirely in Thessaloniki under the academic supervision of well known foreign institutions.

Lectures are given to small groups of students. This encourages students to contribute to the learning process through discussion and critical evaluation.

The offered undergraduate and post graduate awards are no different from the awards given to students that follow the same programmes abroad.

For the undergraduate programmes, the concept of the supervisor teacher has been established, aiming to help students with difficulties that appear during the course of their studies.

IEK graduates have the chance to enter directly to the second year of the three-year programme studies.

DEI College, acknowledging the financial difficulties students might face, collaborates with banks for specific financing programmes.

DEI College, respecting the renown and standards of the collaborative universities, aims to uphold the quality of its services, providing the best scientific setting as well as a European way of thinking. In this way DEI College has managed to earn the trust and appreciation both of foreign universities and its graduates, remaining first in quality and credibility.