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Foundation Courses

The Foundation Courses are one-year preparatory courses offered by British universities to prospective students for qualifying for a place on the first year of a bachelor's degree course. Students who attend these courses do not need to further sit GCE A-level examinations or any other entry-level examinations.

All Foundation Courses have been appropriately designed to prepare prospective students for the specific field of study that they have chosen.

Modules delivered as part of a Foundation Course are in accordance to the field of study chosen by the prospective students. These modules are invariably taught in English by highly-qualified lecturers who hold postgraduate and doctoral degrees. Students who attend these modules also attend English language courses that aim at improving their command of the English language and prepare them for the IELTS qualification — a qualification typically required by British universities as a proof of proficiency in the English language. DEI Foundation Courses adeptly prepare students for enrolment in the first year of a bachelor degree course of their choice. Students are introduced to the relevant jargon, as well as to the content of the modules that they are likely to take during their prospective studies. At the same time, students are familiarised with the British higher educational system and, through the attendance of a specially-designed module, they develop their presentational and project management skills.

The DEI Foundation College operates under the supervision of the University of Bradford. Academic staff from the University of Bradford are responsible for specifying the module content in all fields of study, thus ensuring consistency with Foundation Courses delivered in the UK, and for approving and moderating our students' coursework and examination scripts. As a result of this cooperation, the DEI Foundation College is well-respected and recognised by the vast majority of British universities.

DEI continuously monitors its students' performance and periodically informs parents and guardians about their progress.

Prospective students may visit DEI College at the centre of Thessaloniki for detailed (and free of charge) information about the process of applying for a position at a British university. Alternatively, they may contact the College via phone or email.

Application submission stages:

  •  With the aid of DEI College's highly experienced and qualified staff, prospective students may apply through UCAS for a position to up to 5 universities of their choice. Relevant criteria for choosing an appropriate university may include: the recognition of the degrees offered by the university by DOATAP(the body responsible for recognizing foreign degrees in Greece), the cost of living in the town or city where the university is located, the university's current ranking. Following the submission of their applications, prospective students soon receive an offer from the respective universities which states the marks that they must attain in each module of the Foundation Course, as well as in the IELTS qualification, in order that they be accepted for enrolment.
  • Upon completion of the Foundation Course, the marks attained by the prospective student in each of the chosen modules, as well as in the IELTS test, are sent to the respective universities. This signifies the end of the acceptance-for-enrolment process.
  • An application is submitted to the selected university for securing a place in a hall of residence.
  • Finally, an application is submitted for acquiring a student loan that covers all three years of prospective study – this is a process undertaken and overseen to completion by DEI College.

Dates of submission of UCAS applications

15th January – From September the 1st of each academic year, and until the 15th of January, each prospective student can apply for a position to up to five universities of his/her choice.

30th June – From January the 16th of each academic year, and until June the 30th, each prospective student who has not already submitted an application, can apply for a position to up to five universities of his/her choice. Such a delayed application, however, may limit the choice of vacant positions as some universities may have already covered the number of students that they are willing to accept in one academic year.

16th August - Clearing – Clearing is a service available from July the 1st of each academic year, and until September the 20th, to prospective students who wish to secure a place in a British university straight after school. Universities announce lists of vacancies in mid-August and a prospective student who has failed to apply in the aforementioned periods may be able to secure a place in one of these universities.

The various study programmes delivered as part of the Foundation Course, as well as their prospective start dates, are flexibly crafted to fit the qualifications of each individual student. For more information please contact the college's secretary.


This programme is specially designed to allow high school students to attend school while, at the same time, securing enrolment to a British university straight after school graduation.