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(ΦΕΚ 1986 Β / 14-8-2013)

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Distance Learning

Modern educational needs require a modern academic approach.

Taking the above into consideration, DEI College in collaboration with top UK universities gives the opportunity of Distance Learning education with high quality standards.

Courses are delivered online from experienced and specialized academic staff. Students registered through the Distance Learning mode will be able to submit their assignments, make presentations and download their course material and teachers' notes through the Students and Staff Area Online Portal.

This programme delivery enables students who live outside of Thessaloniki to enjoy all the educational advantages that a University programme offers, without having to leave their home town.

Courses' delivery times and programme are always finalized in collaboration with the students in order to make sure that they meet their needs and cover their requirements.

Distance Learning mode is offered for all the University of London International Programmes' courses: Law, BA English, Economics etc.

For more information please contact us on 2310-251888 & 251999 to speak with an Educational Advisor.