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Choosing your Studies

These awards and certificates are a valuable qualification for a successful professional life. Nowadays, where the working environment  becomes more and more competitive, private companies and organizations have to readjust their demands from a candidate employee, focusing not only to the number of awards but also on their credibility.  

At DEI College, acknowledging the demands of today’s professional environment, we choose to offer high-quality, flexible programmes, offering our students the opportunity to either obtain a degree-certificate in Thessaloniki, or to prepare for studies abroad.

More specifically, the opportunities offered in DEI College are:

Postgraduate Programmes of Study

Postgraduate studies are now essential for a successful career either in an academic or in a business environment. DEI College offers well known postgraduate programmes designed for those holding a first degree or those who are already employed. Please click here for more information on the available postgraduate programmes.

Undergraduate Studies

  • Ιn Thessaloniki
    DEI College offers undergraduate studies from well known British Universities. The awards obtained are identical to those coming from studies in the UK. Please click here for more information.
  • Ιn the UK
    The qualifications needed for entering a British university, apart from a good knowledge of English, include a school certificate with high scores in certain specific subjects. Alternatively, a candidate can follow such foundation courses as are approved and supervised by a British University. DEI College offers courses of this kind under the supervision of Bradford University. Please click here for more information about the duration of studies and the subjects taught.
    DEIs’ College staff can help you in choosing the best university for your talents and aspirations and even with filling in your UCAS application, regardless of whether you are a student here or not.

For more information about studying in the UK you can also contact the British Council which is located in Thessaloniki, and is housed in the same building as DEI College.

Postgraduate studies in Thessaloniki

DEI Bachelor & Master Degrees, recognizing that the majority of the people interested in postgraduate studies are employed, and have little time at their disposal, offers flexible postgraduate programmes under the academic direction of well known foreign universities. These programmes lead to awards in the most popular fields, like Business Management, Economics and Information Technology. Please click here for more information.

English Certificates

Certified competence in the English language is one of the basic requirements for entering a British programme of studies. Therefore DEI College offers English courses with experienced tutors in order for prospective students to obtain the relevant certificate. These courses are offered to the students of DEI College as well as to independent candidates. Please click here for more information.