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Foundation Courses

They are specialized preparatory courses designed to prepare prospective students for their undergraduate studies in Great Britain.
High school graduates or high school students in the last year of their school studies who wish to pursuit a bachelor degree in Great Britain in a university of their choice.

Preparatory courses in all fields of study are offered; each course is specifically designed to prepare prospective students according to the requirements of the field of study of their choosing.
The prospective student initially arranges a meeting with the Advisor of Studies. Once an appropriate field of study is specified, and any financial or geographical limitations are set, a quest of available positions in candidate universities commences. Subsequently, an application for enrolment is sent to the selected universities. Finally, the processes of selecting a hall of residence, and of applying for a student loan, are put under way.
Applications are normally accepted throughout the whole of the academic year; however, for best results, applications should be submitted as early as possible.
School graduation is not a prerequisite for enrolment in a Foundation Course. School students can concurrently attend Foundation Courses as each course is customized to fit the schedules of prospective students.
Undergraduate courses in England typically last for 3 years; in Scotland they typically last for 4 years.
Annual tuition fees in England vary between £8,500 and £9,000; in Scotland there are currently no tuition fees for European citizens.
Tuition fees are covered in full by the student loan that the British government invariably offers to all European citizens who wish to obtain a first degree in a British university, independently of their annual family income. Students start paying back their loans after they graduate and only if their annual income exceeds £21,000, irrespective of their location of residence. DEI College undertakes the process of completing and submitting loan application forms for all its students.

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